Fun in the Snow! 


Ski + Snow board


With a brief 23 mile drive on US-160 East supplemented with gorgeous Colorado scenery lies Wolf Creek ski area. With a maximum elevation of 11,904 feet (3,628 m) and a more average yearly snowfall than any other ski/snowboard area in all Colorado, with a massive 480 inches of snow per year! With the longest run being the Navajo Trial at a length of 2 miles and 8 total lift systems makes skiing/snowboarding in the snow well, more fun!  


Hot springs


There is nothing more relaxing and soothing after an eventful day of skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling than jumping in a natural hot tub that is filled with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, silica, lithium, and even radium which is basically multivitamin for the skin!




Exploring Southwest with a snowmobile is not only fun but breathtaking at the same time. There are copious amounts of trails and areas filled with deep snow that make conditions impeccable for snowmobiling. There is nothing more enjoyable than exploring the Mountains and scenery than with a snowmobile!


Dog sledding


Picture yourself and another passenger seated in a wooden frame, with the warmth of cozy blankets being pulled by 10 to 12 well-trained dogs and not only do you see your four-legged friends pulling you but also the gorgeous and breathtaking scenery of Colorado! g33584-d4871188-Reviews-Pagosa_Dogsled_Adventures-pagosa_Springs_Colorado.html

Ice Fishing/Ice Skating- 


With Temperatures as low as 1 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter time it is

completely certain the ponds in Pagosa Springs are rock hard and completely frozen which provides the perfect Ice Fishing conditions as well as impeccable conditions to Ice Skate on! Ice Skating is located behind River Center at the East side of town from dusk until dawn. 




Come take a ride down Reservoir Hill and enjoy a snow-packed slide down with your sled! Make sure to dress warmly and snuggly so you can take the cold and wind will sledding down! There is nothing more fun than sledding down with family and smiles on peoples faces!

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